Talk Like a Pirate Day

Avast ye landlubbers! Today be Talk Like a Pirate Day. We here on the good ship Hastings Library be some of the first in the World to greet this day!

Dress of the day for library staff be their best pirate gear... or walk the plank. So thar be swaggering pirates on deck behind the desk and in the stacks. Beware! Fines must be paid in pieces of eight...or walk the plank. Busy plank.

Above: Vicious Viv, Boisterous Barb and Nasty Nige fighting over the Pirate display in the Children's Section.

Oh Aye..below be 'orrible 'annah on the Returns Desk deck. Landlubbers with overdues beat 'asty retreats - 'annah is very 'andy with her cutlass for a lass.

Read more...if you dare:

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